In addition to Kevin Eikenberry’s special and the offering for the Spiritual Sisters, the website is pleased to offer a deal where proceeds and royalties will be donated to Outflow, a pediatric AIDS foundation that helps children facing the dread disease.

In conjunction with the Sonny Bozeman Show in Long Beach, California, buying through the Outflow button on the site will generate $3 from each purchase directly to the charity.  The offer is good until January 1st, 2007.

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Franfurt Book Fair Results

InCite made a very good showing at this year’s Franfurt Book Fair in Germany…the largest book fair in Europe.  Deanna Leah, my agent, presented the book and received requests from publishers in Italy, Russia, India, Scotland, Japan, Korea, Hungary and Lithuania.

The 2nd largest publisher of Catholic books in the world, a German publisher, was interested in seeing the second InCite book when it arrives.

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Welcome to Scott’s InCite Blog!

Welcome! You’ve discovered Scott’s InCite Blog. This is the place I update what’s happening with InCite.

First, just a description of InCite and where you can get it.

The InCite home site is:

InCite is a new book comprising a rousing anthology of distinct, true slices of life from today and the past, served up in an evocative, engaging manner. Each short, fast-paced piece finishes with a personal perspective, offering the reader a genuine take away value of entertainment, revelation and lessons that everyone can use and will definitely want to share.  Learn more about InCite on these pages. InCite is available from any online book outlet. But, for yourself or as a gift, order an author signed copy of InCiteat the website for a significant discount. Click the Kevin or Spiritual Sister link (depending on what group you subscribe to) at the top of the page to learn more.

Thanks for looking!


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